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How It Works
1. Select what you use Atomizer,  or RBA/RDA
2. You select the flavor profile and the QTY  that most appeal to you.
(Qty ranges from standard 65ml) (super/mega 80ml-95ml)
Our team of vape engineers will choice the flavors that best suite your appeal, according to your choices.
3. We ship your custom crate stocked with all the supplies you need for a month.

Basic Atomizer Crate
65ml E-Juice
Vape Pen Accessories
Basic RBA Crate
65ml E-Juice
Mod Accessories
Sample Crate
60ml E-Juice
Glorious Goodies


In addition to Vape Maintenance, we offer two different options to make your Crate a little more exciting. We collect little goodies from all over the Vape world including shops near you to throw into each Crate. To top it off we have a handful of Premium goods which go into random crates. The Premium goods include things like: RBA’s, Tanks, Batteries, and even a few Mods. The better your Crate the better your chances!

Super Crate
+15ml E-Juice
Drip Tips
(Mod): Building Supplies
Premium Giveaways
Mega Crate
+30ml E-Juice
Drip Tips
(Mod): Building Supplies and 1 All Series Batteries
2x Premium Giveaways


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