The New Way To Vape

All Your Vaping Needs Delivered To Your Door.


We Bring the Store To Your Door

Not every town has the benefit of having a Vapor Bar nearby. VapeCrates takes all the hassle out of Vaping. When you sign up for VapeCrates, every month you will receive a box in the mail with a handful of carefully selected products. Not only will the crate include all the basic maintenance items needed for your Vape, but we will throw in a few items to spice things up a little. Once you find the items you love, head on over to Fix Vapors Online Store to order exactly what you need, when you need it!


Vape You Can Trust

Every item that makes it into your Crate is hand selected by our team at VapeCrates. VapeCrates is backed by one of the most popular Vapor Bars in Los Angeles California, Fix Vapor. We put the same energy into every box that we put into our face to face customers. If it makes it into the Crate, you know it’s good. Whether you’ve been in the Vape Scene for years or just recently discovered a new hobby, VapeCrate is the monthly necessity for keeping your Vape life running as smooth possible


Crate Options

Choose Your Kit

Atomizers, Cartomizers or RBA’s. We cater to whatever your Vape needs may be. We have 3 different basic Crates, each catering to a specific type of Vape. If you use an RBA, you will never open a crate with Atomizers in it. Each Crate is molded to your specific needs, even down to the strength of Nicotine.

Pump Your Crate

In addition to Vape Maintenance, we offer two different options to make your Crate a little more exciting. We collect little goodies from all over the Vape world including shops near you to throw into each Crate. To top it off we have a handful of Premium goods which go into random crates. The Premium goods include things like: RBA’s, Tanks, Batteries, and even a few Mods. The better your Crate the better your chances!

Super Crate


  • 30ml of Juice
  • Drip Tips
  • Swag
  • Premium Giveaways

Mega Crate


  • 60ml of Juice
  • Drip Tips
  • 2x Swag
  • 2x Premium Giveaways


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